An experimental split EP from Jr. Joy and Nina Garbus

Tapes available now through Familiar Face Records

"From panoramic-hundred ironworks of the imaginal swamp, where banshee hustle meets my gnomic heavy axe, where fiat boils down to syphillic aura, the magic man closing his heart into his right hand, the lurid penguin omniscience eratically wiping himself, on the dead limb where the social hemorrhoid festers, art has obsoleted itself, amid the ringing of the bell of fate, at last a few many floats up out of the bleach pond, spaceman harmony, biography of sentimental glass, slipping the invisible some benjamins." -J. Collazo

Swamp Abomination T-Shirt

Nina Garbus is proud as all hell to present a brand-new garment fit for any occasion. Passionately designed by Leaving Inc, The Swamp Abomination T-Shirt will leave the hordes of smokers, drinkers, and other substance-users in such a state of fear that they're liable to turn and run.

Wellness Center

An Art-Rock Explosion from Nina Garbus